The Client Experience

The client experience

From first contact, we aspire to the highest standards of client care and you are welcome to read some of the testimonials we receive.

  • We contact your client to let them know we’ve received your referral and, when appropriate, to start an insurance pre-authorisation.  This is the point we send them a copy of our Client Information Booklet if they haven’t yet received a copy.
  • Detailed discussions about radiation safety and the clinical management for the patient take place before committing to radio-iodine, and a checklist is provided for both you and your client to work through, as appropriate.
  • On admission we routinely allow half an hour for the appointment and it would be an exceptional case not admitted for radio-iodine treatment.
  • We usually contact clients daily with updates on their cat’s progress.
  • On collection, a half-hour appointment is routine and detailed monitoring notes are provided to encourage ongoing monitoring through your practice.
  • We report routine monitoring blood test results to your client for 6 months after treatment and report our recommendation to you.

On arrival

Mouse- waiting for treatment at The Hyperthyroid Cat Centre

Mouse in our comfortable meeting room

Our Consultation Room

On arrival in Wetherby we give the client a chance to settle themselves in our comfortable meeting room, including ample refreshments of tea and coffee.  Their cat also has the opportunity to use the litter tray before having a clinical examination with one of the vets to ensure that there are no health concerns that have appeared since their referral. One of our clinical team will run through the cat’s routine with the client so that we know all of their cats likes and dislikes, helping to put their mind at rest. We will ask questions such as their cat’s favourite foods, the type of bowls they prefer, whether they like being groomed and where they like to be stroked. We ask if they would like the light left on overnight, or the sound of the radio, in addition to any special requests. Clients are also welcome to bring a ‘suitcase’ with favourite bedding from home, toys, a scratching post etc. though unfortunately we cannot return any of these items as they will become radio-active during their cat’s stay with us.

During their cat’s stay

During the early afternoon of their admission day, the cat will receive their radio-iodine treatment, after which we will contact the client and let them know how the procedure went, providing reassurance that their cat is fine and is now resting. We understand how hard it is for clients to be separated from their cats – even though this now may be for as little as 4 days. Our clinical team will provide daily updates by whichever method suits the client best (e-mail, text or telephone). We will let the client know how their cat is settling in, whether he or she is eating, using the toilet and any little quirks or habits they are displaying, reassuring them that their cat is being well looked after.

At discharge

When the cat’s radiation readings have fallen to the required level, we will organise a discharge appointment.  During the appointment we will carefully go over radiation safety with the client, so they know what is expected in the 2-3 weeks in which extra precautions will need to be taken (unless the cat stays with us for the entire 4 week period). Using a Geiger counter, we demonstrate that their cat is emitting radiation, and show how the readings decrease with distance. We will also explain on-going monitoring and the benefit of follow up blood tests at 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months post treatment.